Project Descriptions

Brownsworth Creek Bridge
Brownsworth Creek near Bly, Oregon, contains one of the few populations of federally threatened bull trout in the Upper Klamath Basin.

Crane Creek Restoration
Crane Creek, tributary to Sevenmile Creek, was historically diverted from its historical channel.
2.8 stream miles were restored for fish and frog habitat.

Short Creek Habitat Enhancement
Riparian and instream habitat along 0.75 stream miles of Short Creek, tributary to Sevenmile Creek was enhanced through a new bridge crossing, riparian fencing, and large wood placement.

Sevenmile Road Diversion, By-Pass Channel
A by-pass channel was constructed around a diversion dam on Sevenmile Creek. Fish now have access to an additional 12 miles upstream.

Crooked Creek Habitat Enhancement
Aquatic and riparian habitat was enhanced with riparian fencing and large wood along 4.4 stream miles of Crooked Creek, tributary to the Wood River.

Upper Fourmile Meadow Restoration
Channel function will be restored to 2.2 stream miles of Fourmile Creek where the channel was historically diverted into a drainage ditch, draining surrounding wetlands.

Jack Creek Habitat Enhancement
Breeding habitat within meadows adjacent to Jack Creek have been enhanced for Oregon Spotted Frogs through installing stock watering systems and forest thinning.

Agency Ranch Wetland Protection
A 700-acre parcel of lake-fringe wetlands is now permanently protected in the Wetland Reserve Program to provide enhanced water quality and bird habitat.

Horseshoe Ranch Habitat Enhancement, Wood River
Wetland and instream conditions have been enhanced through large wood addition and hydrologic connection of oxbow wetlands.

Wayne Ranch Habitat Enhancement
Floodplain connectivity was restored to adjacent wetland habitat along the Sprague River by removing historic levees.

Riparian Fencing
KBRT is working with landowners across the Upper Klamath Basin to address riparian fencing needs along major tributaries to Upper Klamath Lake.

Lower Sevenmile Ditch Diversion Modification
Instream culverts at a diversion were replaced with three rock weirs to maintain irrigation deliveries while improving fish passage and ensuring increased water instream.

Threemile Creek Barrier
A fish barrier in Threemile Creek, tributary to Upper Klamath Lake, was built to remove non-native brook trout and reduce pressure on native bull trout species.