Ranchers & Landowners

Participation in KBRT partnerships by local landowners and ranchers is essential to the success of our programs.

KBRT believes that landowners are the true stewards of the Klamath BasinĂ¢â‚¬™s vast water, land, and wildlife resources, and that protection of these resources is most effective when accomplished through cooperative community efforts.

Ranchres and Landowners

Ranchers and Landowners are important partnersParticipation in all KBRT programs is a partnership, and the management plans developed for the participating properties are designed with the input and support of each individual landowner.

If you are a rancher or landowner in the Upper Klamath Basin and would like more information on how you can participate in KBRT programs, please contact us at info@kbrt.org or by phone at (541) 273-2189.