Klamath Basin

The Klamath Basin straddles Southern Oregon and Northern California and is drained by the Klamath River, which flows 253 miles from the high desert to the coast, originating in Klamath Falls, Oregon and meeting the sea in Klamath, California.

The watershed is geographically divided into two basins (upper and lower) by Iron Gate Dam, the lowermost dam on the Klamath River. The Upper Basin is dry, with an annual precipitation of about 13 inches, while the Lower Basin, near the river’s mouth, sees rainfall of nearly 80 inches a year.

Featuring a highly diverse topography of near-desert, dry alpine and temperate rain forest encompassing more than 15,000 square miles, fewer than 120,000 people live in this predominantly rural area.

For more photos, an interactive map and history of the Basin visit the Department of the Interior Website about the Klamath Restoration.

Klamath Basin Map