About KBRT

farmersKlamath Basin Rangeland Trust (KBRT) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2002 following the crises of the 2001 water shut-off and the 2002 fish kill downstream. 

Two founding ranchers came together with a mission of returning more and better water to Upper Klamath Lake.  These landowners began reaching out to neighboring ranches and assembling tools for water conservation that are being used on thousands of acres of family farms to provide additional water to the Klamath system.  Facilitating unique and innovative partnerships between private landowners and public agencies, KBRT’s contribution to water balance in the basin has been significant.

KBRT’s 10th anniversary comes on the heels of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA), a remarkable pact calling for the largest dam removal project in the world and a water-sharing agreement meant to end one of the most bitter resource struggles in the Basin’s history.  Years of negotiations between federal officials, tribes, irrigators, power corporations and conservation groups will lead to restoration that supports and enhances fishing, farming, and ranching.

KBRT is set to usher in its next 10 years of conservation and restoration to move the Klamath towards hydrologic balance.  We’ll assist landowners in participation in Federal and State programs that encourage sustainable land and water management, providing more and better water to Upper Klamath Lake…

…all the while maintaining viable agricultural operations and a ranching lifestyle and economy.