Habitat Restoration

healtyOver the past ten years, KBRT has joined with private landowners and partners such as NRCS, USBR, USFWS, USFS and OWEB, to implement restoration actions that would benefit both landowners and the Klamath Basin watershed. 

KBRT’s goal has been to use the best available science to guide restoration actions, and to adhere to priorities outlined by Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, USFWS, and USGS.  KBRT is also an active participant in a local restoration partnership, the Upper Klamath Conservation Action Network (UKCAN), who envisions a Klamath Basin that supports native species and vital rural communities for future generations. 

KBRT’s restoration projects have consisted of improved fish passage, cross-pasture fencing, riparian fencing, riparian plantings, large-wood addition, gravel addition, channel restoration, spring reconnection, bank stabilization, and reduced fish entrainment. Throughout this process, landowners throughout the Klamath Basin become comfortable with their partnerships with KBRT.  These projects are completed through successful grant applications with state and federal agencies, private organizations, and in-kind contributions from private landowners.

Historic river channel:

Riparia area before restoration

A river restored:

Riparian Area After Restoration