Termite Protection And Treatment Process

Having termite infestation in homes is one of the unpleasant experiences. Rest assured as there are companies that are keeping homes safe from termites. The Pest Company offers exclusive services for treating such infestations. They have termite barriers to keep your home protected. They have 18 years of trading experience and have long-term customers. They ensure to hire the right people to provide the best available options to protect your homes.

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Protection of homes is a case to case scenario. A termite inspection must be done to know the exact location of the termite nest. The nest may be buried underground of your property or a neighboring property. Determining the nest will also determine the next step for termite treatment.

Termite Protection

Experience and skill is one essential requirement for providing termite protection to any property, along with a licensed company that is insured and can offer a $100000 Timber Replacement Warranty. Conditions apply to this warranty as not every home will comply to be insured. There are times that a Termite Management Program may install various systems to protect such property. All these systems require annual termite inspections or 3 or 6 months inspections depending on the risk.

Reticulation line installation is optional. It is installed during the process of installing a chemical barrier or a treated zone. This is not necessary for existing homes, lest a new path or extension is to be installed.

There are properties where drilling is required. This is done especially when there are a concrete path, tiles, and patios above the area where termiticide is needed to be applied. The Pest Company will explain the process and options prior to the treatment and will ask for your consent. TPC follows the Australian Standards AS3660.2-2017 for existing homes and AS3660.1-2014 for new homes and extensions. This is their bases for their Termite Management Proposal. A different application is offered to fit the need of a specific home and ensuring the best communication between The Pest Company and the homeowner is one part of their service.

Termite Barrier and Management Program

  1. The structure and surrounding areas are subject to a visual Termite inspection prior to any treatments.
  2. Locating termites and identifying its species to know which type of insects the experts are dealing with. Treatment of this insects followed.
  3. After treatment, the areas will be closed up.
  4. Wait at least 3-4 weeks to allow termites to travel back and forth to the nest.
  5. Re-inspect treated areas
  6. Installation of Termite Barrier/ Treated Zone