Most Popular Used Woods for Woodworking

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Different kinds of wood for furniture are readily available in the market. Every type comes with a set of characteristics in terms of finishing, color, grain, and density. Choosing the best wood for furniture is important because it helps to evaluate your unit's exact cost. It can also be a determining factor when you need to discard, restore, or resale a piece of furniture.

While you might use any wooden material to make pieces of furniture, not every wood is created equal. This is why you need to choose wisely and know the most popular used woods for woodworking, such as the following:


This type of wood is well-known for its lovely aromatic note, warmth, and red tones. It is also resilient to components, making it a perfect option for outdoor furniture pieces.

It is also useful for wardrobes or chests, which can hold clothing that you don’t use more often.


Fir is mostly used for construction, though it is inexpensive, making it a suitable option for making furniture.

The wood doesn’t have the most exciting grain pattern and can’t take stain well, so it will be important to use it when planning to paint the end product.


Poplar is a utilitarian kind of hardwood usually used on woodworking projects, which can receive paint. While poplar might get stained, it doesn’t look appealing with a discolored appearance because it usually shows gray or brown sections in the wood.

Because poplar is a durable and inexpensive wood, it is a great option for drawer boxes, carcasses, and other related projects.


Redwood looks soft and has a reddish tint. The wood comes from redwood trees that have a straight grain. By using X-Carve, it is simple to cut and shape it to the length you want.

Due to the moisture resistance ability, redwood is great for outdoor projects. Typical applications might include retaining walls, making decks, and creating garden borders. You may also use wood to make veneers, cabinets, and tables.

Cherry and Mahogany

Cherry and mahogany have the same color, ranging from red to light brown. They have tight and straight grain patterns, though they differ in hardness. Mahogany is softer, and it is simple to deal with, allowing you to make furniture with a warm ambiance. Mahogany is also widely utilized for trim work, molding, and doors.

Cherry, on the other hand, is used for freestanding items like credenzas and desks. This type of wood also has a subtle grain pattern with dips and a creamy appearance. Many individuals confuse cherry with alder, though if you can closely examine it, this wood has a more complicated grain pattern when compared to alder.


This is a popular choice among beginners. The wood has almost no grain, and it’s soft, making it perfect for new woodworkers.

Basswood is also a common wood you can use to make guitars, electric basses, and various woodwind bodies.

Concluding Remarks!

Understanding different kinds of wood and their uses might be helpful to choose the right material for your next woodworking projects.

Whether you want to choose wood furniture for your house or need to build something out of wood, you can pick the right type from this list and start your project right away.