Cable Crossover As Fitness Equipment

If you are a person who is actively engaged in staying fit and healthy, a cable and pulley machine is must-have equipment in your home or local gym. Having workout equipment in your home is one investment every person who loves fitness should have. Check out this site: if you are interested.

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The Compact Cable Crossover

This compact cable crossover size is 146” L x 38” W x 98” H, 680 lbs. or 371 cm x 97 cm x 249 cm, 308 kg. and is made of rugged 2” x 4”, 11 gauge rectangular tubing for heavy-duty use. It has a standard tubing pictured which is also available in deluxe oval tubing. It has adjustable Hi/Low pulley columns on each side for a variety of exercises. It has 150 lbs. on each weight stack and has easy trigger adjustment on each sliding pulley housing. The total equipment cost is $3,795.00.

The Compact Cable Crossover Product Reviews

The compact cable crossover received four excellent reviews:

It is versatile. It covers all the right angles and a great supplement to free weights to work out. The equipment has a pulley system that rotates 180 degrees. The machine has 2 120 pound weight stacks. Lastly, it received praises from the gym members. – Sarah McCann (5-star rating)

This machine can also be used in different ways. The trainers can use it to try different workout possibilities by adding other equipment and try new workouts using the machine. It caters limitless possibilities of new exercises. – Joe D (5-star rating)

Great equipment that aids rehabilitation of shoulder. - Tom L (5-star rating)

This cable crossover machine is different from other crossover machines available. It has thick cables and heavy duty feel. – Susan Kellog (5-star rating)

There are other related products such as 95” Dual Adjustable Pulley that can be bought in $4,495.00, the Deluxe Cable Crossover, which has 190 lbs. on each weight stack and is in $4795.00, the 88” Dual Adjustable Pulley for $2,995.00, and the Quad Functional Trainer for $3,695.00.

These equipment are offered by Muscle D Fitness. Muscle D Fitness started in 1977 and is founded by Brian Lewallen. It has a dealer network throughout the United States and is known internationally. It is renowned for anatomical correctness of the equipment and with its outstanding customer services towards their dealers and other customers.