Beta Blockers: Propranolol, Usage, Precautions and Side Effects

The Beta Blocker- Propranolol

The branded version of Propranolol is known as Bedranol SR. The Beta Blocker Propranolol is used to cure a variety of medical conditions. The working of Beta Blocker Propranolol is quite simple. When the message is sent from the nerves, it blocks the beta- adrenergic receptors through which the heart is supposed to get the message. With the help of above mentioned blocking, the heart beating rate slow down and heart starts using less force. ThisBeta Blocker Propranolol is considered helpful when the situation of arrhythmias arises that is, the unusual fast rhythms of heart. Beta Blocker Propranolol also reduces the blood pressure in the vessels. The chest pain could also be reduced by using Beta Blocker Propranolol. The Beta Blocker Propranolol also helps in reduction of anxiety and also considered helpful in the prevention of migraines.

The Role of General Physician:

Not everyone who is suffering from above mentioned conditions could take Beta Blocker Propranolol. The proper prescription of General Physician or Doctor is needed before taking the Beta Blocker Propranolol. In case you have slow heartbeat or irregular heartbeat or if you have asthma you should not be taking the Beta Blocker Propranolol without consultation of General Physician or Doctor. Not only that but if you have some kind of skin problem and already taking medicines to some problem you should not be taking Beta Blocker Propranolol without asking your General Physician or Doctor.

How to take Beta Blocker

The Doctors do tell about the taking of Beta Blocker Propranolol. Most common instructions about taking the Beta Blocker Propranolol would be simply take the dose with water. Only take higher dose after asking or consulting your General Physician or Doctor. In case of facing any side effects, immediately stop taking Beta Blocker Propranolol and book an appointment with you Doctor.

Side Effects of Propranolol

Every medication has some side effects but it is not necessary that everyone would face the side effects of a medicine. There are some common side effects of Beta Blocker Propranolol for instance, tiredness, slight allergic reactions, dizziness, nightmares and irregular heartbeats or slow heartbeat. In case of severe side effects contact your General Physician or Doctor. The precautions must be taken and contact the general physician or doctor to cure the side effects as soon as possible. The Beta Blocker Propranolol is widely available complete information is given on the website